I love eating very much. I guess to the point that it may not be healthy for me 🙂

This year I was thinking of something to give up for the Lent season. After watching the Oprah Show on being vegan for a week, I decided to do that for the whole lent season, so for about 40 days, I was to lead a vegan lifestyle. So I did, I researched online and read books like Veganist by Kathy Freston to find out what type of foods I can eat. And plan my meals accordingly. Easter season came and I really enjoyed the experience, I have more energy, I feel light, not just because of the weight loss but overall feeling of my body. I no longer feel sluggish. 

I decided to write a food journal of what I eat everyday (the blog started around my 3rd month of being vegan) and possibly post the recipes I enjoy to make and eat. I want to rediscover all my favorite foods and how I can prepare and enjoy them by veganizing it. Also I want to show other people the types of food you can eat as a vegan, there are a lot of options and you won’t get hungry. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your visit. 

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