Meal 1:

1 1/2 cup white rice

1 stir fry – Gardein Chicken Scallopini, Portabello Mushroom, Corn, Carrot, Green Beans


1/2 cup Chocolate Soy Milk from Trader Joes

Meal 2:

Soyaki Stir Fry with Tofu, Asparagus and Broccoli

2 servings of stir fry tofu with asparagus and broccoli in SOYAKI sauce ( from Trader Joes)

1 cup white rice

2 cups of Trader Joes Chocolate Soy Milk

1/2  banana (med size)


1 small scoop of Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice cream


Soyaki from Trader Joes – DELICIOUS… I’m so glad I found this sauce… it tastes like teriyaki and it has a good blend of flavors. I would definitely use it over and over again. 

Trader Joes Chocolate Soy Milk is my favorite  choco soy milk so far. The taste is just right – chocolatey but not too sweet. 🙂 I could drink the whole carton but I have to stop myself.   


Meal 1:


1 kids pack size popcorn from AMC Theatres

1 kids size Diet Coke

Meal 2:

1 Falafel Plate from Massis Kabob International Grill 

3/4 regular size Lemonade from Hotdog on a Stick


Falafel Plate


8 pcs of roasted seaweed

1 vegan pad thai from Trader Joes


1 scoop of Trader Joe’s Cherry Chocolate Chip SOY Ice Cream ( DELICIOUS!!)

Cherry Chocolate Chip SOY Ice Cream. Yummy!!

Meal 3:

1 1 /2 cup of white rice

Stir Fry  of Gardein Chicken Scallopini, 2 medium size Portobello Mushroom 

1 handful of Piknik ( fried potato shoe strings)


Massis Kabob: I was not quite satisfied with this meal, the falafel was dry and tasteless. I think its good to say that I will take a break from eating falafels for a while.

The trader joe’s CHERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP SOY ICE CREAM. its delicious…. its been a while since I actually had an ice cream but this soy ice cream tastes as what I remember ice cream is, its sweet and creamy. It does not have any bad after taste. I recommend for other people to try it.


1 regular Soy Caramel Latte extra soy milk from Coffee Bean and Tea


2 cups of penne pasta with 1 Gardein Chicken Scallopini, garlic, Portobello mushroom and chili flakes

1 medium/large size banana



1 16oz iced EnergiTEA from Chado Tearoom (Green Tea with rooibos, ginseng, linden and orange)

1 Taro Gyuhi (from Mikawaya in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles)

Snack at Little Tokyo
Energitea and Taro Gyuhi (from Chado Tearoom and Mikawaya


Art night @ Pasadena 

2-3 sips of White wine (not a fan hehehe)

sparkling water


Happy Hour @ Mccormicks and Schmicks, Pasadena, CA

1 order Garlic Fries with hot sauce

1 order fried zucchini

1 glass of Guinness (delicious, sweet and chocolate-y)

1/4 pickle



This has been a fun and full day for me. I tried a tea from Chado Tea room for the first time, so many options, its hard to decide which one to take. I am satisfied with my option though. Now drinking it with mochi – perfect combo :). 

Happy Hour at Mccormicks is interesting as well. I normally order the buffalo wings and cheeseburger. However since I have been a vegan for quite some time now, it was weird not ordering it. Though the fries came with the buffalo/tabasco sauce instead of ketchup, so in a way I had a taste of it… The fried zucchini is excellent at this restaurant though compared to the downtown restaurant. Their serving is much more filling and satisfying. 

Meal 1:

1 cup brown rice

1 serving stir fry vegetables ( tofu, baby bok choy, carrot, spinach, eggplant) 



I tall iced green tea ( Starbucks)

Meal 2:

1 very thin crust pizza with tomato sauce, mushroom, onion and spinach ( 12 inch diameter) from Bollinis (

4 slices of watermelon



Bollini’s is one of my favorite pizza places. Their pizzas are delicious and I love their very thin crust cooked in their wood fire oven. I have a small size pizza with tomato sauce, no cheese and toppings are mushroom, onion, and spinach. Would definitely need to visit them again. Their customer service is excellent as well.

I was planning to take a photo however I got too hungry and remember to take a photo when i finished the whole thing hahahaha… next time.