Meal 1:

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 glass of smoothie (strawberry, banana, soy milk, maple syrup)

2 big square slices of vegan pizza ( left over last night)


Meal 2:

Leftover Vegan Pizza from Whole Foods

2 square slices of vegan pizza


Meal 3:

A small serving of the Veggie Chowmein

3 small bowl of veggie chowmein ( tofu, broccoli, baby corn) with soyaki sauce

1 glass of smoothie (same as the morning)

1 Zensoy chocolate vanilla pudding


6 slices of watermelon



I read a recipe from Cafe Fernando’s blog about this morning smoothie, I dont have all the ingredients listed in there so I decided to just make with what I have in my fridge.


  • 1 medium to large size banana
  • 1 cup of strawberry
  • 1 cup of soy milk
  • 1 table spoon of maple syrup.

Put everything in the blender and then turn on the blender until it has the consistency of a smoothie. Taste and adjust it accordingly. Also putting the banana in the fridge overnight really makes the smoothie thick. I cant wait to try this again when I have fruits at home. 


Meal 1: 

Veggie Chowmein with 2 toasted wheat bread spread with Earth Balance Butter

1 serving of Vegetarian Chowmein (I turned my left over stir fry into veggie chowmein)

2 cups of chocolate soy milk from Trader Joe’s


1 medium size banana

Snack: (while watching a movie at home with family)

1/4 cup of popcorn (measurement down prior to kernel popping)

1 glass of Ginger Ale 


Snack 2:

1 1/2 mini panini sandwich of Tofurky deli and Daiya Cheddar Shreds

1 bottle of Vitamin Water (Focus)

Meal 2: 

1 serving of adobong sitao

1 piece of grilled Gardein Chick’n Scallopini

1 cup of brown rice

2 piece of dried mango


1 scoop of Trader Joe’s chocolate cherry Ice Cream (my last scoop)

Midnight Snack: (THIS IS BAD!!)

1 small bowl of rice with adobong sitao



I ate a lot on this day without my realizing it. I did not write it down my journal book as soon as I ate it, :(. Anyway, that is life  I just need to keep track next time. 

The soy ice cream did last me for quite sometime (about 20 days ago). I may need to stop by again to get that and the soy mini ice cream sandwiches. 


1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich



Twice Baked Potato based on Chef Tal Ronnen's recipe

3 twice baked potato ( based on Chef Tal Ronnen’s recipe)



1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich



Vegetable Chow Mein

2 servings of vegetable chowmein (Mushroom, baby bokchoy, green beans)

2 toasted wheat bread with Earth Balance butter spread


1 scoop of Trader Joe’s SOY Ice Cream


I made the Twice Baked Potato from Chef Tal Ronnen’s book “The Conscious Cook”. However due to the lack of some ingredients, I made some substitutions and omissions, namely:

instead of fingerling potatoes, I got the yellow skin potato (not sure what it is really called )

instead of paprika, I sprinkled cayenne pepper

instead of Dulse, I put roasted seaweed

I omitted the horseradish, and chives because I dont have it in the pantry. 

It still turned out GREAT. Its delicious and creamy. Its quite addictive actually, If I didn’t leave the dinning table I would easily eat more than 3 potatoes. I will definitely try this again with the fingerling potatos

Twice Baked potato (close up)

Vegetarian Chowmein

I actually planned on having stir fry veggies for dinner, however I did not feel like eating rice again. I am tired of it, so I decided to remove the veggies after its cooked and then let the dried vegetarian noodles cook in the stir fry sauce/juices. Once it is halfway cooked, I then combined it with the veggies and squeezed a lime and viola… delicious chowmein… I shared it with my folks and sister. It was a success! 


1 2″x2″ slice of Bico

2 toasted wheat bread with Earth Balance Butter 

10 pieces of roasted seaweed



1 serving of chowmein (cooked with leftover stir fry tofu/veggie)



1 Green Tea with Boba

2 servings of French Baguette

Snack @ the Park:

1/2 corn on the cob with a pinch of salt

10-12 pieces of raw almonds

1 slice of french baguette

6 pieces of lay’s chip

1/2 medium banana


Dinner @ the Shabu-Shabu place:

2 order of oyster mushroom

2 order of spinach

1 order of satay sauce

3 small bowls of white rice

2 small cup of tea



It appears that I ate a lot on this day and it was such a long day too. watching movies at home, errands, then the park, then dinner , then walmart!! I’m tired. 

I was abit hesitant when my folks decided to go to a shabu shabu restaurant for dinner since I wont have anything to it, but then I found some mushrooms and veggies, so I did my own stir fry and put satay sauce on it and dipped it on soy sauce with chili sauce… yummy!!  

My legs are sore this morning though, we walked around the Legg Lake for like 3 hours ( 2-3 times around).  But I am happy though, I just hope it will balance out the amount of food I ate. 🙂 Happy Holidays!!