1 tall soy latter from Starbucks ( as a green star level member you get the soy milk for free)



Lunch (Souplantation):

1 salad plate

3 cups of soup 

2 slice of sourdough bread

2 glasses of mixed berry green tea



1 cup of brown rice:

1 serving of leftover stir fry veggie 


Today I went hiking with friends at Bronson Canyon Park. What I day, so fun, we hiked for 2 hours and 18 minutes and saw some wildlife, i.e. bugs, lizards, snakes :). Fun, the back of my neck is burnt though…


Meal 1  (left over from last night):

1 serving of brown rice

1 serving of Chinese Mabo Tofu

1 serving of sauteed Green Beans


1 mini soy ice cream sandwich


1 venti iced green tea

1 piece boochi (not sure what it is called in english, it is like a mochi stuff with bean paste and rolled around sesame seeds)

Snack 2:

1 vegan oatmeal cookie


Meal 2: 

from Palm’s Thai Restaurant

Spicy Coconut Soup with Fried Tofu and Mushroom... yummy!!!

1 order of coconut soup with tofu and mushroom

2 order white rice


Snack 3:

1 mini soy ice cream sandwich


I need to remember to ask about FISH SAUCE in thai cooking. I totally forgot to ask the waitress about this yesterday when I order, the menu description did not mention it. Though the ingredients seems vegan, I forgot about the fish sauce :(… i’ll remember to ask next time. Though that soup is delicious, I didnt taste the fish sauce… mostly the coconut and the spices. The restaurant has excellent service; servers are attentive, food comes out fast and reasonably priced.

Interesting day: hiking, walking and more walking… i feel so active this day… But we will have to go back again to this trail to enjoy the hiking and hopefully complete it this time. – we got lost and took and off trail so we exhausted all our energy by the time we found the right path 🙂 lol