Meal 1:


1 soy latte (small) from Coffee Bean 

Meal 2:

1 veggie burger from Santa Barbara Fish House  with side of fries

(the veggie burger actually taste good and flavorful, my only complaint was it is VERY thin, imagine 2 quarter coins stacked on top of each other. I wish they double the patty)


1 chocolate soy shake from Natural Cafe (Santa Barbara on State St)


1/2 side order of veggie chowmein (From Camarillo’s Outlet Food Court)

1/2 caramel apple with almonds and dark chocolate chips


Meal 3:

Home cooking at home after the LOOONG Trip

1 1/2 cup of Garlic Fried Rice ( brown and white)

1 serving of Stir Fry Vegetables ( carrot, bokchoy, zuchini) on soyaki sauce

3 pieces of baked tofu 

1 glass of diet cola Shasta