WARNING: It is garlic pasta day or week… it seems that these past days and the following days will be filled with garlic pasta as my meal…

Meal 1:

1 serving of garlic pasta


Snack from Babycakesnyc LA:

Salted Caramel Donut from Babycakesnyc Los Angeles

1 salted caramel donut

Waffle Corners and Chocolate Chip Cookie

1 waffle corner topped with berries and butter (the cookie in the photo is my sister’s; it delicious too. The waffle is soft, sweet, plus the tart strawberry and the butter = DELICIOUS-NESS!! and the good part, it is only $ 1.50 -> same price as the cookie)


Meal 2:

1 vietnamese steam roll (its like rice pan cake)

1 iced green tea with boba

Meal 3:

1 serving of garlic pasta 

1 waffle corner from babycakesnyc LA