Meal 1:

water ( I know, it’s bad. I didn’t eat breakfast again. I woke up late so I did not have time to eat breakfast before going to work)

Meal 2:

1/2 sandwich (sourdough bread, tofurky oven roasted, lettuce, mustard and veganaise – A bit dry and sour, bad combo in my opinion, lesson learned)

1 medium size banana


Meal 3:

3/4 cup of brown rice

1 serving of left over stir fry vegetable

2 pieces of baked tofu



Dark Chocolate Sesame Balls and Potato Fries

1 small order of potato fries

inside the chocolate sesame ball - yummy

4 pcs of small dark chocolate sesame balls

Taho !!

1 1/4 servings of taho ( Filipino Dessert – it is like a warm soft tofu in vanilla sauce/liquid and topped with tapioca balls – DELICIOUS one of my favorite street foods back in the Philippines)