Meal 1:

1 bottle of Vitamin Water (dragon fruit)

1 medium size banana

Meal 2:

(Working at our booth – Philippine Independence Celebration in LA)

1 serving of rice and pansit

2 veggie roll dipped in vinegar

1 small serving of ginataang puso ng saging ( banana hearts cooked in coconut milk)

1 medium size banana

1 small slice of bico

1 can of coke zero 



1/2 order of small fries well done from In N Out 


Meal 3:

Vegetable Pizza with Daiya Cheese

3 square slices of vegan vegetable pizza with daiya cheese from Whole Foods


Meal 4/Snack:

Vegan Pizza with Daiya Cheese up close

2 square slices of the vegan pizza


1 small chocolate vanilla soy pudding ( ZENSOY brand click here ) – it tastes like the same thing, though its too sweet for me. However its great if you are craving to satisfy that sweet tooth or cravings at night, one spoonful is good enough.


I know carbo-load again today… I lost track of the food I am eating again. I can’t help myself with the vegan pizza. It is really delicious and the cheese tastes like the real thing but its vegan. I can’t believe it. Whole Foods also has a great deal on Pizzas on sundays at the glendale branch. for about $ 10 you can the whole pizza and for the pre-packed ones are buy one get one.