Meal 1:

water (a lot)

2 boochi (see description from previous post)

1 vegan oatmeal cookie


1cup of sparkling water

1 mini soy ice cream sandwich

Meal 2:

1 order of veggie mongolian bbq ( no meat and the grill was freshly cleaned )

1 small fries dipped in malt vinegar

1 watermelon flavored lollipop


1 scoop of Trader joe’s cherry chocolate soy ice cream

1 small bowl of lays chips

1 cup of carbonated water


I did a 3 mile walk today … felt great afterwards however I had a lot of carbs for dinner hahaha so maybe it balances things out? I dont know. I am enjoying this walking thing, I’m not a runner and don’t like to run, so I just walk for about an hour (about 3 miles). I will do my very best to continue this and be consistent on it 🙂