Meal 1:

1/4 veggie burrito (leftover from the night before)

1 vegan oatmeal cookie

Vegan Oatmeal Cookie from Trader Joe's

1 mini soy ice cream sandwich

Soy Ice Cream Mini-Sandwich from Trader Joe's

water ( alot)


1 green tea with boba

Meal 2:

Homecooked dinner... I think I finished half of this

2 servings of Chinese Mabo Tofu with Yves “ground meat”

2 servings of brown rice

2 servings of sauteed green beans

water ( a lot )

1 piece of Karioka


So excited to cook the mabo tofu… it requires 3 ingredients and so simple to cook ( provided that the sauce is already pre-made and it was on sale). Delicious! 


After ... delicious