Meal 1:

1 white daifuku from Mikawaya


Meal 2:

1 order onion rings from Hooters

12 sticks (about) of celery

dipped into Ketchup + Hot sauce combo



Onion Rings and Celery/Carrots from Hooters


1 Vegan Chocolate Cupcake from Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica


Vegan Chocolate Cupcake

Meal 3:

3/4 falafel wrap from Alexandria Cafe in Santa Monica

3 sips of coke


Late Snack:

1 white daifuku from Mikawaya


Hooters Lunch:

I think the onion rings are good however they are expensive for the amount you get. Also it somewhat sad that I actually prefer the celery stalks and carrots than the onion rings LOL. So why don’t I just go somewhere else for lunch then you asked? well my sister wanted buffalo wings and I don’t want to be a difficult or picky eater just because of food choices.

Yummy Cupcakes:

Their vegan chocolate cupcake is REALLY good, so far one of the best I tasted. The cake itself is moist and not too sweet. The frosting gives that extra sweetness but not over the top, and it’s quite light as well. Also the topping of raw sugar gives a crunch and texture that the cupcake needs. Definitely would need to go back again and try some more cupcakes. They have a full menu of vegan options, I would like try the cupcake in a jar next time. Here is the vegan menu I found online for vegan options:

Alexandria Cafe:

Falafel wrap is quite good. I enjoyed all the components when eating together, it compliments each other. However I found that falafels were a bit overcooked or burnt, it is bitter and dry, good thing the fresh tomatoes helped to moisten it. It was still a satisfying meal though. 

Ferris Wheel At the Pier in Black/White

This day has been an interesting one, its been a while since I visited Santa Monica Promenade/Pier. So much has changed. I enjoyed it very much and for sure I will be sore the next day due to all the walking for about 8 hours.